Key Themes

The 5G Business Summit is where senior level telecoms, business and government executives will come to:

  • Learn about the current state of play regarding 5G roll-out globally
  • Understand the Australian roadmap and timeline for 5G deployment
  • Gain insights into the coverage & connectivity strategies for 5G rollout
  • Hear about the economic potential of 5G connectivity, the market drivers and associated solutions for mobile networks
  • Determine the broader policy implications of ever-improving connectivity on society
  • Understand the macroeconomics of a 5G-fueled economy and how will this disrupt different markets and industries
  • Learn which services and applications will be the first to benefit from the 5G transition
  • Develop business strategies factoring in 5G
  • Meet-face-to face with 5G innovators and thought leaders
  • Source the latest products, services and solutions