Day Two



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Opening Remarks from the Chair

Mike Khan
Executive Director
Australian Taxation Office

5G then, now and tomorrow: 5G applications, revenue models and business impacts
  • 5G applications operators around the world have launched and why it is relevant
  • 5G application revenue models and their impact on businesses and economic growth
  • What the future holds for operators with regards to 5G and how it will impact the industry

David Cooper
Head of Networks, 5G & IoT
Ericsson Australia

Understanding the technology mix for 5G deployment
  • Breakthrough technologies that are integral to 5G
  • The fundamental architectural transformation and it's accompanied complexities
  • Inherent benefits and drawbacks of 5G technology

Easwaren Siva
General Manager Strategy & Architecture
TPG Telecom

Panel discussion: Security assurance – examining whether high connectivity equals high risk

Network security is extremely important and as the world increases its connectivity, so does the risk, or does it? This panel will discuss the major concerns of cyber security that directly correlates to 5G networks, including:

  • What does higher connectivity and 5G mean for cyber security?
  • Identifying the major threats for businesses and industries with regards to cyber security
  • What is the value of AI in cyber security, how reliable is AI security systems especially with regards to 5G and how to decrease risk?


Mike Khan
Executive Director
Australian Taxation Office

Salil Kanhere
Professor - Computer Science and Engineering

John Stanton
Chief Executive Officer
Communications Alliance

Networking break

Breaking down the 5G barriers between carriers and councils

ENE.HUB is collaborating with Local Government and the telecommunications industry in order to unlock the barriers to mass deployment of 5G small cells into public places.

This presentation provides an overview of ENE.HUB’s progress to date and their plans for a more collaborative future.

Robert Matchet
Founder and Co-CEO

5G State of Play & Council / Government Enablement
  • 5G Rollout progress
  • The role of Councils and State Governments
  • Enablement opportunities for community viable accelerated 5G rollout
  • Challenges and practical next steps for Councils / Government

Matthew Schultz
Australian Smart Communities Association

5G and Smart City deployments in NYC

The New York underground subway has more stations than any other system in the world. It is also one of the oldest systems, dating back to 1904. The MTA wanted to provide mobile connectivity for passengers, its own communications and emergency services communications.

This presentation will cover North America’s largest underground connectivity deployment and how this has enabled:

  • 5G ready cellular deployments in the subway and aboveground
  • A city-wide public WIFI network with data analytics
  • Smart City, Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications for Transit

Shaun Newton
Senior Solutions Manager – Telecommunications
BAI Communications Australia

  • Policy changes to be aware of for 5G
  • How these policy changes will influence businesses
  • Productivity opportunities 5G brings to the business
  • How to make the most of 5G opportunities

Chris Althaus
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association

Panel discussion: 5G in practice: going beyond the hype to learn how 5G performs in the real world
  • How do we develop an actionable plan to move beyond adoption of 5G and focus on delivery quality of service
  • How does developing technology drive changes in customer behaviour and expectations
  • What are some of the current shortcomings facing Australian industry that 5G provides an unexpected advantage in overcoming
  • How does low-latency connectivity provide opportunities to deliver real-time instruction and support for a variety of industries


Mike Khan
Executive Director
Australian Taxation Office

David Rubie
Chief Executive Officer
Smart Shepherd

Dr David Soldani
Chairman, IMDA Taskforce (Singapore)
and, Adjunct Professor, UNSW

Closing remarks from the chair
End of Conference Day Two