The Big Idea

The 5G Business Summit provides an opportunity to take a comprehensive look at how 5G will impact you and your business.

It brings together 35+ senior executives representing not only the mobile operators and government, but also end-users from across a broad range of industries that will be disrupted and enabled by 5G.

Key areas being covered include the future deployment and business model impact. It will look at what a 5G world might look like and how Australian businesses can harness the network to realise digital transformation, new services, competitive advantage and a reduction in operating costs.

This is the one event you really want to attend if you want to understand the opportunities and challenges 5G will bring.

The Summit mixes high-level keynotes, industry perspectives, analysis and forecasts from local and global leaders.

What makes the 5G Business Summit unique?

Understand impact 5G will have on you and your business
Develop your plans to harness 5G to reduce costs and gain competitive advantage
Hear about the new services, applications that 5G will enable
Learn how to prepare for and invest in the 5G transformation
Better understand the risks and opportunities